How To Choose An Online Bookmaker

  • Sumo

Times have moved on. Most people don’t bet with real life bookies anymore. Online betting is where it’s at, and the choice is staggering – and sometimes confusing. So how do you choose a bookie?

The online betting marketplace is a very crowded space these days. It seems like every month a new bookie appears on the scene. Most come with a glitzy TV ad promising they have the best odds, the most generous offers, in-play, cash out, etc. But of course not everyone can really be the best. So which bookmaker should you join?

As with many things in life, the answer to this question is rarely straightforward. There is no one “best bookmaker” which beats everyone else in all departments. Each bookie has their own strengths and weaknesses, so your choice will depend on what your betting habits are.

The first thing is to make sure that the bookmaker can operate in your country. Most (but not all) online bookies have a UK gaming license. But for those who live abroad, the situation may not always be the same. There are specialist local bookies which operate in different territories, even as far afield as Ghana where Safaribet operates. So you don’t always need to stick with the big names.

If you tend to mainly bet on one particular sport, such as football or horse racing, then you’d want to pick a bookie that is best for that sport. There are guides around that will tell you the best bookies for football betting, and explain what features to look out for. But the best football bookie may not also be the best horse racing bookie, so it all depends on what you bet on most often.

The same goes for bonuses. Are you looking for regular loyalty bonuses for existing customers? Or would you prefer the biggest welcome bonus? This would depend on whether you bet regularly or just occasionally. If it’s a new customer bonus you’re looking for, there is a list of the 10 best free bets available which is updated monthly.

Some people choose based on brand loyalty. Others might go with the bookie that sponsors their favourite football team. While these might not be the best bookies for them personally, they are still factors that might influence your choice.


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