Who is winning the betting war: Ladbrokes or William Hill? – Telegraph

Interesting article here from the Telegraph on the ongoing battle between old rivals William Hill and Ladbrokes. Not surprisingly it’s Hills, the UK’s biggest bookmaker, that leads the way – but Ladbrokes’ chief exec still seems to be in the firing line from his board and shareholders.

What’s interesting, if you follow the link to the source, is to see the charts that show where the revenue comes from. Whereas Ladbrokes are relying almost entirely on their betting shops, have a look at how much William Hill are making from their online operation. It’s close to overtaking their shops as their main income generator. A sure sign that William Hill’s online efforts are way more successful than Laddies.

Anyone who has used the Hills site or app should not be surprised by this. Both are way better than the Ladbrokes equivalent. They might have Chris Kamara on board for their ads, but it seems Ladbrokes are going to have to do a lot more with their digital product if they’re to overtake Wlliam Hill any time soon….

Ladbrokes’ chief executive Richard Glynn faces a showdown with investors as he seeks to persuade them that he has done enough to improve the bookmakers’ digital business.

The betting chief’s case will not be helped by the fact Ladbrokes’ fiercest rival, William Hill, has also reported half-year results in the last fortnight. Here we look at how their performances have compared over the last six months and how they generating their operating profits.

The vast majority of Ladbrokes’ operating profit, which totalled £56.8m in the six months to June 30 after £11.1m of corporate costs are subtracted, still comes from UK high street betting shops.

The bookmaker last year struck a deal with Playtech, the gaming software firm which helped to grow William Hill’s online business, in order to grow its share of operating profit from bets placed digitally – either through mobile phones or online.

By comparison, William Hill’s online operation generated £81.1m of operating profit in the 26 weeks to July 1 – more than Ladbrokes’ entire operating profit during the period.

Total operating profit at William Hill, Britain’s biggest bookmaker with 2,362 UK betting shops, reached £176.9m during the half-year once corporate costs were taken out, although this was down on the £181.4m achieved during the same period the previous year.

via Who is winning the betting war: Ladbrokes or William Hill? – Telegraph.

Betting Offers Under Scrutiny

English: Paddy Power Cleeve Hill Advertising Sign

English: Paddy Power Cleeve Hill Advertising Sign (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Betting offers are big business these days. You’re just as likely to find them advertised at half time in the football or even in national newspapers than any other traditional consumer product.

Good news for the bookies, because the fact they can afford to advertise in these high profile places implies that, thanks to web and mobile, sports betting is more lucrative than ever before.

The bad news is that the ASA is starting to take an interest in some of these ads, particularly the small print and Ts and Cs associated with particular offers, enhanced odds and free bets.

Some firms are better known for their offers than others of course. While you’d rarely get a price boost out of the likes of Ladbrokes, many punters go after Betfred’s new customer offers which seem to come out every other day. Paddy Power’s money back offers are also particularly popular.

Befred, though, along with 888, both fell foul of a recent ASA judgement which took a dislike to the way they advertised various promotions. At fault was the small print, which stated wagering requirements to qualify for the free bets. It was ruled that they should have made these clearer to customers.

It’s unlikely that either of these rulings will halt or slow the frequency of betting offers on the market, or significantly change the places where they are advertised. Whether we’ll start to see bigger small print or more prominent qualification requirements remains to be seen.

Why You Should Search For Enhanced Odds Bets

Horse racing @ Tokyo Race Course @ Fuchu

Horse racing

Any professional or experienced punter will tell you that the secret to making a long term profit from sports betting is value. It’s not about how many winners you back, it’s about the odds you back them at. If you can place a bet at better odds than the true chance of your bet happening, you are mathematically certain to make a profit in the long term.

Typically the hunt for value bets has required a great deal of statistical research. However these days, it is actually much easier thanks to the emergence of enhanced odds betting offers. This is basically when a bookmaker boosts the price of a particular bet to a level that is way higher than its true probability, creating a value opportunity for the punter.

Typically a bookie would do this to encourage new customers to join, but many price boost offers are also available for existing customers and that is where you can cash in.

By placing your bets using only enhanced odds offers you can be guaranteed that you are only ever betting at value odds. However this approach may be too simplistic. If you can hand pick those enhanced odds offers that you feel have the best chance of winning you can also increase your strike rate and make more regular profits.

Where To Find Enhanced Odds Betting Offers

Bookmakers enhance odds on a range of sports, primarily football and horse racing but also boxing, tennis and golf. Since there are many offers on the market from a variety of bookmakers, it makes no sense to manually visit every site trying to keep track of them. A more sensible approach would be to use an enhanced odds betting offers website such as totalbettingsystems.com which collects and displays the latest price boosts for you. That way you only need to check in one place to find the latest offers, which can certainly be a huge time saver.

If you have any queries or suggestions regarding this enhanced odds betting strategy please leave a comment below this article. It’s a great way to increase your sports betting profits so we’d love to hear of any of your success stories too.

Developing Good Poker Habits

There a certain habits that a poker player must have to be successful. Some players do them naturally, while others have to drill it within them to allow it to become a part of them over time. The better your habits, the better player one will become.

English: Professional poker player Maria Ho

English: Professional poker player Maria Ho (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Being mentally prepared at all times is the first of these habits. To be a top player, you must always be in the right frame of mind. This will allow you to be much more aware of your surroundings and the games at hand. Do not mix up thinking a lot with always being focused but it’s about being prepared for any and everything.

If by chance you are hungry, tired or even drunk; chances are you will not play near to your best. A player not at his best will lose his money.

A lot of times players lose focus not at the poker table itself but prior to playing the game. There is usually an urge to drink, after a fight with your partner or rough day at the office. The urge is usually the same with poker and this urge is the wrong frame of mind to be playing poker if you are serious about winning.

Playing poker takes a high level of discipline. Discipline will allow you to not become flustered in certain situations and will ensure you remain patient no matter the losses or how bad you are playing. The more you become discipline, the more you will find yourself able to not chase losses and wait for the right hand.

A good poker player will develop the habit to always improve his level of play. If you are a player who thinks you know it all and that what you know now is all that is needed, then chances are you won’t last very long. Never be afraid to read and gain more knowledge about the game. Talk with more experience players; you’d be surprise about the little things you can learn from just a casual conversation.

Being in control of your emotions can prove very valuable to any player. When things are going bad and when things are going good, you remain calm, cool and collected. A winner should not act as if its first time winning at the poker table and a loser should not take a loss to heart and lose his mind. It’s a continual learning process and you learn from both your losses and wins by reigning in your emotions.

Never get distracted by the football game in the background or the sexy girl that just walked by. Even if you are playing online, do not do so while talking on the phone or doing other things on the internet. If you are playing poker, you are playing poker and keep focused on the game.

Always play like a man; never make excuses for your loss. You will hear players argue about bad luck or poor decisions. Make it a habit to accept your defeats with grace and that will make your victories even more pleasing and memorable.

Why Bet on Ice Hockey

Ice Hockey

Ice Hockey (Photo credit: Najwa Marafie – Free Photographer)

Ice Hockey is a sport that bettors seem to just forget about when betting, as they are more occupied with football and baseball. It is not a case that the sport of hockey is one that is hard to bet and the opposite of that can be quite true. Hockey has over the years become the forgotten treasure of the sports betting industry.

I am here to remind you of Ice Hockey and not just the NHL but in leagues in France and Austria to name a few can be very good leagues to bet on as well.

Potential Winnings

October is an interesting month when it comes to betting on American sports. It seems to capture all four major sports (football, basketball, baseball and hockey) all in one whirlwind. So among all the distractions, hockey is usually the last thought, when in actuality it should be the first sport we think to bet on. The money value on Ice Hockey, especially in the month of October is phenomenal.

You will find many that say, they know nothing about the sport or that it is just unattractive. We care zero about those things. If the potential winnings are greater there than in other sports, then that is the sport to bet on.

There are always numerous games to bet on a given night and that within itself gives us vale because we have varying options to choose from rather than being forced to settle on one game. The possibility exists to find a game that provides the best scenario for a win or unbelievable value based on the odds being given by the bookies on a given game.

The lines being offered in the hockey games when compared to the other sports tends to be less sharper on the totals and for which team to win. This is all as a result of the other sports seeing all the betting action.

Opportunities For Value Betting

Whenever you are sports betting, I cannot stress that you need to take the emotions and personal bias out of your mind. You should always be looking for opportunities and varying scenarios that will create these opportunities for you to gain more value on your bets. Sports betting on Ice hockey in October is just one such opportunity.

I’m not telling you to forget about the other sports and go all in on hockey. You will still need to play those games but be more away of this great value in the sport and quite frankly, far too many do not take advantage of it. I can assure you that the NHL is a sport for all persons who are serious about winning and making consistent profits over the long haul.

There are not many sports and leagues that will have all the variability in favor of the sports bettor and the only way this value will go away is if sports bettors somehow shift their interest away from the three other major sports and I really don’t see that happening.

Sports Betting Explained

Sports betting

Sports betting (Photo credit: Sheep”R”Us)

Sports Betting occurs when one wagers or bets on the result of a match, race or game involving at the least two teams or players. The type of sport you are capable to bet on is often times determined by where you live.

Any competition between competing players or teams that creates an amusement or spectator interest is one where sports betting can occur.

This beginner’s guide to sports betting will take you through the basics that you need to know before you can get started.

What To Bet On

In theory you can place bets on just about any sport related event. The obvious sports that will come to mind are American football, track and field, basketball, baseball, boxing, horse racing, tennis, soccer and hockey.

A difficulty for American citizens is that it is hard to conduct sports betting in the USA because of the United States law, with the exception for the state of Nevada. One can partake in sports betting in many of the countries worldwide on any sporting matchup of your choosing.

It could be the World Series, Champions League, World Cup Finals, and Olympics down to a small little local game. In the United States the authoritative powers believe persons will all become corrupted by the option of sports betting. Subsequently as such, in the United States of America you are allowed to bet on what is known as “Sportsbooks”. A “Sportsbook” is described as a board that houses the information of different sports that you can wager on.

These are restricted to the main sporting events such as the Super Bowl game, Major League Baseball or NFL match-ups or the Golf Masters, along with the more important college games. Besides Nevada, the only way you can sports bet is to have an offshore bank account with an international sportsbook.

Mobile Betting

Image via CrunchBase

These days many people have smart phones which can connect to the internet and run apps, which is why sports betting is moving from the desktop computer to the mobile. It is very easy to get involved in mobile sports betting in European countries.

Many of the major bookmakers offer mobile betting apps for the leading platforms such as Android and iPhone. You can find more information about mobile betting apps at sites like the Mobile Betting Site. You should check out the apps and mobile bonuses offered by the major bookmakers such as Betfred, William Hill, Ladbrokes and Coral before deciding which is right for you.

When And Where To Bet

Anyone can go online and conduct sports betting on sports all across the world from such countries and not be penalized for it once you stick within the rules of the different bookies. These rules can vary from the bonus you receive, how you verify your account and in some instances the monetary value you can make on your bets.

Most of these sites will allow you to make your bet at any given point of the day. There are a few who have a cutoff point a few minutes before a game will begin. Sports betting offers a wide range of options for betting on matches and the possibilities are quite endless.

Betting Promotions

Online betting is big business and bookmakers are always happy to offer bonuses and promotions to get new customers. If you are looking to join an online bookmaker then you can take advantage of these. You can get free bets, deposit bonuses and money back offers to use for betting on all different types of sport.

Sometimes you may need to use a special promo code when signing up in order to receive the bonus. If you don’t know what code to use, there are several websites which list all of the current betting promotions and promo codes available. We would recommend sportsbetpromotions.com which has an easy to use list of free bets and bonus codes if they are needed. If the code you’re looking for is not on this site you can use Google to search for it.

Types Of Bet

If you are better at choosing scorers, totals or half time scorers, the opportunity is there for you. Not just the types of bets are endless but the sports are quite varied as well. Most leagues are usually provided including the very lower leagues of many football playing countries. It doesn’t stop at football but once it’s a sport you can bet your dollar, you can bet on it.

Sports betting is quickly becoming a widely used form of betting for many persons and is already well established in many parts of the world.

How To Choose Your Betting Stake

As adult human beings we are all naturally drawn to the different ways in which we can earn money by legal means and in the easiest way we can do so is always better. Betting is a primary way of earning money and if you know what you are doing can bring you a nice income.

The problem is various individuals are turned off from betting essentially because they don’t understand how betting really works; when really it couldn’t be more straight forward to understand. Once you are willing to put in the time and effort to learn and prepared to make mistakes you are already one step closer to being a betting pro. The most important thing in betting is managing your money or as I would like to call it, the betting stake.

Betting on can be enjoyable if done the correct way and it doesn’t have to be as complicated as it seems. One of the key fundamental properties to understand betting is to understand your Betting Stake. Your Betting Stake will go a far way in ensuring you understand the basics of how to bet.

When placing a bet, the betting stake is the amount of money you are willing to gamble with. Your betting stake should reflect whether you are a cautious bettor who likes to gamble on areas that are more assured and are safer. You can also be a more aggressive bettor and this will require you to utilize a larger betting stake for gambling in more risk adverse areas.

It is foolish of any bettor to be an aggressive bettor and a betting stake that cannot support this and the reverse holds true in being a cautious and having a large betting stake at your disposal. The type of gambling you encounter, should reflect your desired outcomes. In my opinion a more balanced approach when betting should be taken so therefore you are not too cautious and not too much risk.

I have seen the safest game to bet on become unsafe and the unsure bet become the safest. It is about managing the money available to you in trying to make profits because the fact of it is, you won’t control the actual outcome. It is about managing your betting stake. There are some professional tips in the following video.

The general rule to persons who are new to betting is the more risk you take the more you lower the amount placed on a bet from the betting stake available to you. The safer your bet is the more you can increase bets toward your betting stake. Always attempt to find a middle ground with your available betting stake and then adjust from this point based on the betting options available.

You may also want to split your betting stake into how many different bets you would like it to allow you to make. Management of the betting stake is the first rule towards responsible and profitable betting. Once you understand that money management is key to your success then you can move to understanding different systems and different ways to bet. There are so many options available where betting is concerned being successful is entirely in your hands.

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Using A System Bet Calculator


Calculator (Photo credit: Images_of_Money)

The use of a System Bet Calculator can be very rewarding and effective especially when combined with the right betting strategies. Having started using a system bet calculator since recently I have found it very useful in protecting myself against losses and maximizing winnings at the same time.

Systems Bet is the a lot more challenging in comparison to accumulator bets. The general purpose of systems bet is to make many different combinations of bets contained in one bet. From all the predicted games on your bet slip, it develops smaller combinations of these predictions.

If you have been betting for a while you would have already or in time experience heartbreaking losses. I’m talking about a last minute shot or basket that completely shreds your ticket to pieces. You will find that this is extremely common when making accumulator bets of 5 or 6 matches bearing in mind the more matches the more the chances of you losing increases.

Nevertheless if one of say 10 games on a ticket loses on an accumulator bet, your ticket is no longer of no use. This is where a system bet calculator can become of very good use to you. In using the system bet system and a calculator, you would have experienced some form of winning or at least not losing so much money to begin with.

The specific outcome will depend on the type of system chosen and based on the odds selected to bet on. In general a system bet is more profitable with higher odds, because the probability that some predictions are incorrect is higher. If needed you could add low odds as bankers to your system bet. “Bankers” are matches that you are labeling as wins that are certain to come through as predicted.

The calculations made by a system bet calculator are in fact fairly complex and time consuming. This is why the system bet calculator is provided so that before placing your system bet you can figure out how to place it in the most effective manner.

Below is an outlined process of how to utilize the system bet calculator:

1. Select your desired betting system.
2. Click on the ‘Next’ tab.
3. Enter the total amount of money you wish to bet.
4. Enter ALL the individual odds selected to bet on.
5. Click the check markers, to test what would happen if certain of the matches lose. This give you a beforehand look at possible ways of maximizing profit.
6. Then simply click on “Compute” tab and you are finished.

You can always go back and also use the system bet calculator when some of the selections of your system bet have already been completed to see how much profits still possible to be made. Using the system bet calculator allows it to do all the work for you and your focus is simply finding the right matches or odds to use in the system to make the money you desire. There is no other tool that you should keep closer when betting.

Stick to Cricket Betting Rules to be On the Safe Side

Cricket picture

Cricket picture (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Cricket is an ideal sport for online betting. Owing to its huge popularity, there are many who love to indulge in cricket betting. Unfortunately, the game has been in the news for all the wrong reasons. The recent test match series between Pakistan and England in 2010 was blemished with the online betting scandal due to which many players were suspended. There were several other instances as well when cricketers were caught red-handed making deals with bookmakers. However, if you love to bet on cricket you should avoid bookmakers and stick to the rules of cricket betting.

Cricket is one of the most sought after games of punters and bettors and a huge amount of money is spent on it every moment with each shot. Betting rules for cricket are much simpler when compared to other sports. Before you start betting, you should be well aware with a certain set of betting rules. It is advisable to stay away from the bookies and be on the safe side always.

As per the official rules of cricket betting, winner of the match is the team that goes to another round. Bowl-out and coin-toss are some of the exceptions. If the winner of the game is not determined or in the case of a cricket tie the cricket bets are settled as dead heat. There are instances were cricket matches get affected by harsh weather. In the case of adverse weather conditions, the game is governed by a couple of official rules. Here also, bowl-outs and coin tosses are exceptions.

If the set of official rules cannot determine the winner of the game then no action can be made on the cricket bets. There are instances when there are external interferences which act as impediments and the whole game has to be deserted. Normally, bets are settled on the results of official tournaments. The bets can be cancelled in case of change in series or tournament or any participant for that matter. There is a loss of bet in case none of the team wins which means a draw in cricket leads to losing bets.

You should keep rogue elements or bookmakers at an arm’s distance and do not want to spoil your reputation. They have a strong online presence and there are plenty of bookies who lure the people in the name of outstanding online cricket betting services. You should rather stick to the set of official rules. Players can bet on test series, tournaments, test results, bowling figures or any other aspect of cricket game except on no-balls.

Cricket betting can be real fun and a great way to make easy cash but one should stick to the set of official betting rules to earn money legally.

Those who love online cricket betting find many opportunities from time to time. All the year round, a major series goes on some part of the world. Apart from this, county games are popular in both Australia and the United Kingdom. However, punters and bettors should stay away from cheating and betting scandals.

Attractive Online Gambling Opportunities: The Lure of Betfair

Did you know that the online gambling industry is one of the most profitable industries on the Web? Yes, just as it is in real life, gambling is one hell of a business! Now that it has established itself on the Internet, it has become even more profitable especially for people who love to gamble. There are thousands of online gambling websites not to mention online casinos where people can sign up regardless of their location. However, you do not need to a bank account that allows you to conduct online transactions and you will have to prove that you are at least twenty one years of age. There is definitely no way to circumvent those conditions.

Websites like Betfair which specialize in online sports betting are one of the most popular hangout spots on the Web for people from all over the world. Other forms of online gambling include playing poker online, bingo and even the lottery in a lot of cases. So whatever betting preferences that you may have, you will definitely be able to satisfy them on the Web.

Advantages of online gambling

Why do you think so many people sign up on websites such as Betfair and actively participate in betting on a variety of sports? Well, it is mostly due to the fact that there are millions of people around the globe who love to gamble but what you might not be aware of is that if you are good at predicting matches and know your stuff, you will definitely be able to make a lot of money by betting on different types of sports.

Of course, if you excel at the other activities such as poker then you are most welcome to sign up on any number of the million casino websites currently on the web to try your luck. But if you are into sports and love to make predictions then Betfair is definitely for you. Let’s take a look at some of the more tangible reasons why people love to gamble on the web.

Since most of the gambling industry on the Web is interlinked, you can pretty much use the same account on any number of websites. This means that on the one hand, you may be involved in a voracious card game with people from all over the world while on the other; you might be watching a football game in which you’ve placed a considerable amount of money on the team that is winning. But the best part is that while all of this is going on, you are going to be sitting in front of your computer screen relaxing comfortably in your favorite chair while sipping a refreshing drink. Wouldn’t that be fun?

Well, if you are into that sort of thing then online gambling is definitely for you! Although there are a number of websites you may be interested in visiting, for the first timers, it may be a good idea to sign up on Betfair to learn the ropes before proceeding to more advanced stuff. Happy Gambling!