Developing Good Poker Habits

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There a certain habits that a poker player must have to be successful. Some players do them naturally, while others have to drill it within them to allow it to become a part of them over time. The better your habits, the better player one will become.

English: Professional poker player Maria Ho

English: Professional poker player Maria Ho (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Being mentally prepared at all times is the first of these habits. To be a top player, you must always be in the right frame of mind. This will allow you to be much more aware of your surroundings and the games at hand. Do not mix up thinking a lot with always being focused but it’s about being prepared for any and everything.

If by chance you are hungry, tired or even drunk; chances are you will not play near to your best. A player not at his best will lose his money.

A lot of times players lose focus not at the poker table itself but prior to playing the game. There is usually an urge to drink, after a fight with your partner or rough day at the office. The urge is usually the same with poker and this urge is the wrong frame of mind to be playing poker if you are serious about winning.

Playing poker takes a high level of discipline. Discipline will allow you to not become flustered in certain situations and will ensure you remain patient no matter the losses or how bad you are playing. The more you become discipline, the more you will find yourself able to not chase losses and wait for the right hand.

A good poker player will develop the habit to always improve his level of play. If you are a player who thinks you know it all and that what you know now is all that is needed, then chances are you won’t last very long. Never be afraid to read and gain more knowledge about the game. Talk with more experience players; you’d be surprise about the little things you can learn from just a casual conversation.

Being in control of your emotions can prove very valuable to any player. When things are going bad and when things are going good, you remain calm, cool and collected. A winner should not act as if its first time winning at the poker table and a loser should not take a loss to heart and lose his mind. It’s a continual learning process and you learn from both your losses and wins by reigning in your emotions.

Never get distracted by the football game in the background or the sexy girl that just walked by. Even if you are playing online, do not do so while talking on the phone or doing other things on the internet. If you are playing poker, you are playing poker and keep focused on the game.

Always play like a man; never make excuses for your loss. You will hear players argue about bad luck or poor decisions. Make it a habit to accept your defeats with grace and that will make your victories even more pleasing and memorable.


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