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Ice Hockey

Ice Hockey (Photo credit: Najwa Marafie – Free Photographer)

Ice Hockey is a sport that bettors seem to just forget about when betting, as they are more occupied with football and baseball. It is not a case that the sport of hockey is one that is hard to bet and the opposite of that can be quite true. Hockey has over the years become the forgotten treasure of the sports betting industry.

I am here to remind you of Ice Hockey and not just the NHL but in leagues in France and Austria to name a few can be very good leagues to bet on as well.

Potential Winnings

October is an interesting month when it comes to betting on American sports. It seems to capture all four major sports (football, basketball, baseball and hockey) all in one whirlwind. So among all the distractions, hockey is usually the last thought, when in actuality it should be the first sport we think to bet on. The money value on Ice Hockey, especially in the month of October is phenomenal.

You will find many that say, they know nothing about the sport or that it is just unattractive. We care zero about those things. If the potential winnings are greater there than in other sports, then that is the sport to bet on.

There are always numerous games to bet on a given night and that within itself gives us vale because we have varying options to choose from rather than being forced to settle on one game. The possibility exists to find a game that provides the best scenario for a win or unbelievable value based on the odds being given by the bookies on a given game.

The lines being offered in the hockey games when compared to the other sports tends to be less sharper on the totals and for which team to win. This is all as a result of the other sports seeing all the betting action.

Opportunities For Value Betting

Whenever you are sports betting, I cannot stress that you need to take the emotions and personal bias out of your mind. You should always be looking for opportunities and varying scenarios that will create these opportunities for you to gain more value on your bets. Sports betting on Ice hockey in October is just one such opportunity.

I’m not telling you to forget about the other sports and go all in on hockey. You will still need to play those games but be more away of this great value in the sport and quite frankly, far too many do not take advantage of it. I can assure you that the NHL is a sport for all persons who are serious about winning and making consistent profits over the long haul.

There are not many sports and leagues that will have all the variability in favor of the sports bettor and the only way this value will go away is if sports bettors somehow shift their interest away from the three other major sports and I really don’t see that happening.


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