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The use of a System Bet Calculator can be very rewarding and effective especially when combined with the right betting strategies. Having started using a system bet calculator since recently I have found it very useful in protecting myself against losses and maximizing winnings at the same time.

Systems Bet is the a lot more challenging in comparison to accumulator bets. The general purpose of systems bet is to make many different combinations of bets contained in one bet. From all the predicted games on your bet slip, it develops smaller combinations of these predictions.

If you have been betting for a while you would have already or in time experience heartbreaking losses. I’m talking about a last minute shot or basket that completely shreds your ticket to pieces. You will find that this is extremely common when making accumulator bets of 5 or 6 matches bearing in mind the more matches the more the chances of you losing increases.

Nevertheless if one of say 10 games on a ticket loses on an accumulator bet, your ticket is no longer of no use. This is where a system bet calculator can become of very good use to you. In using the system bet system and a calculator, you would have experienced some form of winning or at least not losing so much money to begin with.

The specific outcome will depend on the type of system chosen and based on the odds selected to bet on. In general a system bet is more profitable with higher odds, because the probability that some predictions are incorrect is higher. If needed you could add low odds as bankers to your system bet. “Bankers” are matches that you are labeling as wins that are certain to come through as predicted.

The calculations made by a system bet calculator are in fact fairly complex and time consuming. This is why the system bet calculator is provided so that before placing your system bet you can figure out how to place it in the most effective manner.

Below is an outlined process of how to utilize the system bet calculator:

1. Select your desired betting system.
2. Click on the ‘Next’ tab.
3. Enter the total amount of money you wish to bet.
4. Enter ALL the individual odds selected to bet on.
5. Click the check markers, to test what would happen if certain of the matches lose. This give you a beforehand look at possible ways of maximizing profit.
6. Then simply click on “Compute” tab and you are finished.

You can always go back and also use the system bet calculator when some of the selections of your system bet have already been completed to see how much profits still possible to be made. Using the system bet calculator allows it to do all the work for you and your focus is simply finding the right matches or odds to use in the system to make the money you desire. There is no other tool that you should keep closer when betting.


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